Written by Sonakshi Arora

Dear love,

Lately, when I was swimming in the pool of my thoughts, I witnessed an unusual drama being showcased by my mind and heart. It was more of a warfare portrayal than being just an exaggerated high-pitched argument. While putting in efforts to drive away the curiosity, I discovered that the dilemma was inconceivable. It took me about a couple of hours to settle down ‘their’ subtle discussions and derive the ‘veto’, to pass a verdict that’d be solely mine.

My dream is to fly high. The agenda in hand was the ‘wings’ for my flight; whether it be the accomplishments in my career or the high points of my relationship. Yes, that’s the subject my ‘little ones’ were fighting on: ‘Romance or Romanticism?’ However, I’d like to make a clean breast that my soul whispered an ultimate decision the moment this question struck the chord. Commitment, yes, is important to keep, but my career would always be my first priority; any day!


My thinking pattern would exhibit a myriad crests and troughs if seen through an X-ray but at the end of the day, I’m darn rigid about my verdict. If my decision making was to be traced, it would metaphorically resemble the food-chain concept we all studied back in school. Each time I visit the streets of my childhood, I am forced to ponder as to how much my parents have sacrificed to bring me up in the most luxurious ways possible. It is an ultimate dream of mine to experience ‘that’ incredible feeling; feeling when I’d see my parents express their gratitude to God for bestowing me as their daughter. I want their hearts to swell with pride when they walk around the world with me. 

No matter how much ever I’m keen on my relationship, I will always be inclined towards my dream a little more and that’s what’ll keep me firm about my decision. To keep myself rest assured that I won’t fall into the traps and ruins of indecisiveness, my superman’s, my grandpa’s words will always echo in my little heart.

Flutter or stutter, don’t let your wings cut. Only fly higher, each time you take off.

In the high hopes that you’d understand like you always have, here I am, signing off. 

Lots of love,
A daughter before your girl…